What does the small business need from IT?

If you’re trying to keep up with your large competitors, clever use of IT is an effective way to stand out and offer a better service!

There are many ways to do this and we can set out the objectives first to put this into context.

  • Your IT systems need to be flexible – you need to move fast and be able to provide your clients with a superior service;
  • Your IT systems need to allow for growth without unreasonable capital expenditure – employing another member of staff or needing extra facilities for a short period shouldn’t cost you the earth;
  • You need to keep costs to an acceptable level.  IT doesn’t come for free but there is an acceptable level of cost for all businesses – streamline your business processes using technology and you’ll make more margin on each transaction be it a sale, a production line or a professional fee;
  • You would probably like to reduce the time you spend messing about with IT systems – giving you more time to spend ‘owning’ and running the business.

Above all, the small or medium business needs to level the playing field and compete with its larger counterparts in a professional manner.

How is this achievable? By making the most of your investments, purchasing the correct technology and using it to its full potential.  Begin with the end in mind – you need to decide what you want and where you want to go before you start to make choices.

  • Microsoft Office 365 has markedly changed how people are able to work and the costs associated with flexible working.  You simply cannot argue with the value proposition of Office 365.  And whilst it may be appropriate for everyone it’s certainly work looking at;
  • Online SaaS CRM systems help you to easily manage interactions with your customers using systems and processes that previously would only be available to large enterprises – but at a fraction of the cost;
  • The huge range of mobile devices available means that there is always something suitable for your needs and in line with your budget.  And 4G/5G and widely avaialble Wi-Fi means that you really can work anywhere.

There are hundreds of other technology offerings available that can really help you to compete and make your business successful.

Modern technology (on premise, cloud or a combination of both) enables you to work from anywhere with less support requirements and lower investments. Whether you need a more suitable accounting system, a better way of tracking jobs or would benefit from flexible mobile communications, we can help.  Please send us a few details below and we’ll get back to you.

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