Choosing the correct Telephone System

In the dim and distant past there was a time when a telephone system was something that enabled you to manually dial a number and speak to the person on the other end.

Of course this is still the main function of any telephone system but technology moves fast in this particular area and terms such as Unified Communications (UC), presence and mobile collaboration are now widespread.

Whilst all these things are readily available it’s important for the smaller business to understand the key functions that they should be looking for in any telephone system.

Without breaking the bank you should be able to look for a system that is:

  • Capable of maintaining a high and reliable availability;
  • Able to grow easily and cost effectively;
  • Flexible and portable across a wide range of devices – Desk, mobile and virtual handsets; PC’s and laptops;
  • Built around remote and flexible working;
  • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook and other applications;
  • Widely supported in the industry;
  • Not least, still able to provide the traditional telephony functions such as conferencing, voicemail etc.

Of course all of the points above are easily catered for if you choose to go for a hosted VOIP solution.  And we would recommend that all businesses at least look at VOIP before making any decisions.  It’s unlikely that a traditional setup will stack up against a hosted VOIP offering and the available functionality will be far higher than if you purchased your own on premise telephone system.

It is also important that prior to choosing or installing any system, management time is allocated to supervise and establish:

  • Specific system requirements and configurations;
  • Reception and other call handling;
  • Full user requirements;
  • Methods for call routing between offices or sites;
  • Ordering, timescales and installation;
  • Onsite preparation.

A well planned implementation will return much more than the initial investment if you put the time in and consider the points above.  We think that our experience, professional supplier selection and project management could help your business to choose and implement a new telephone service.  If you’re looking for a new telephone system please get in touch or use the form below to send us a few details.

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