I remember way back in the dark ages of the late 1990’s when laptops were often supplied as status symbols.  The actual idea of ‘business need’ was alien.  If you were an executive you could expect to be supplied with a shiny new laptop even though you would probably leave it in your top drawer for the next two years.

And the lowly ‘engine room’ people were left to struggle with the practicalities and expectations of doing the work on meagre, second owner technology.

Companies who value their bottom line and look after their profits now understand that a member of staff is an investment and, given the right tools, that person can give the financial return expected.

So the starting point for strategic IT purchase and implementations isn’t what technology is available? Or what is cheapest (or free)?

The smart move is to ask the question:

“What technology do I need to provide in order for my staff to perform at their best and make lots of money for my business?”

And remember that making money and being successful is just as much about service and culture as it is about product and price point.

A proper strategic review of IT will help you to understand what your staff need based on their actual requirements rather than going out and buying the most available and cheapest ineffective technology.  You will then be able to:

  • Give your staff the correct technology to do a fantastic job;
  • Understand that you have different types of workers with different needs – home workers, office based staff, staff who are more often than not on the road;
  • Provide your customers with the best possible service at all points in their contact with your company.

We work with customers to understand their IT requirements and then help them to find and implement the correct solutions.

To define your requirements before making costly investments in IT get in touch.

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