Information Security – at least try to do the basics!

In recent years cybercrime has never been very far from the headlines with a hall of fame of household names paying the price. Your data and your reputation are the most valuable assets in your company – and they are dangerously linked.

It’s not only the large corporations that find themselves in this position. Security experts report that in recent years up to 60% of attacks were aimed at SME’s.

The growth in ‘Hacktivisim’ or protest hacking, cyber espionage and opportunist attacks is a very real threat. Ease of access to software and ‘DIY hacking kits’ coupled with aging IT infrastructures is a disaster waiting to happen.

Many businesses simply don’t have the budget to implement watertight IT information security at this level but there are a number of things that can and should be done to reduce vulnerability. Examples include:

  • Implementing and policing a strong and secure password policy;
  • Implementing account lockout to prevent ‘brute force’ attacks;
  • Dealing with starters and leavers promptly and correctly;
  • Implementing file and folder security based on department/level;
  • Making sure through training and information that everyone in the company understands the importance of information security and their own responsibilities;
  • Educating employees about internet safety, security and the latest threats;

The most important task is to ensure that employees are educated about internet safety, security and the latest threats and, if the worst happens, how to deal with a security breach.

If you are interested in understanding IT Information Security further and discussing how it can help to protect your business please get in touch.

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