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Guiding you through storage modelling for your unique workflow.

We are part of a consortium delivering Quantum StorNext Systems. Centred in Liverpool and Manchester, UK (but not restricted to the UK). Our team has designed and deployed some of the largest StorNext systems in the world, incorporating high and medium performance front end storage, public and private cloud and tape automation. We are amongst the most experienced architects of StorNext filesystems and StorNext Storage Manager systems in the world.

We start with a phone call to determine your requirements and see if StorNext is a good fit and can bring something to your party. Typically this is followed up with a series of face to face meetings to ensure that all aspects of what you need now and in the future are addressed. This design phase is crucial to ensuring a pain free and appropriate data storage model when juggling hundreds of terabytes or multiple petabytes of content; mistakes here simply cannot be afforded. Our consultants currently support StorNext ecosystems housing in excess of 30 petabytes of managed storage across object storage (private cloud), public cloud (AWS, Azure etc.) and LTO tape automation.

Broad experience

We can draw on experience gained through multiple and varied projects at all levels and budgets

Design and Build

The design phase is crucial to ensuring an appropriate and workable data storage model

System Health

We can help with performance, capacity and everyday issues to enhance the value of your investment

We offer completely independent advice which is practical and pragmatic.

Our advice is always based on comprehensive experience and research.


There are many ways we can help your business. A few examples are:

  • Trouble shooting and evolution of existing StorNext systems
  • Workflow planning for StorNext Sizing
  • Data and Archive Migration from 3rd party storage silos into and out of StorNext
  • Design of new StorNext systems
  • StorNext Supporting ecosystem including SAN Fabric, Ethernet and NVMe.

We can assist in the entire cycle from system and infrastructure design through supply to installation, configuration, training and on-going support, or anything in between. For existing systems we can help where there is a resource or knowledge gap or perhaps where some configuration changes could make a difference.

Our aim is to support and nurture your company from the very beginning of the specified project to the end, and deliver the project not only within the scope, time and cost but also with complete success.

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For any questions or enquiries please feel free to get in touch at any time. Providing a good service is about being available and flexible.

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