Offering you as much or as little help as you need whilst providing you with a high level of expertise


Professional services to help you manage, protect and get the best from your technology.


A traditional setup in any business would involve an IT Manager (or similar at board level) looking after the technology within the business and allowing the people at the rock face or the fee earners to do their jobs efficiently and unhampered.  Depending on the size of the company, the IT Manager could be extremely hands on in a smaller set up or manage a small team of staff in a bigger environment.

But businesses aren’t traditional any more.  Many organisations choose to outsource their IT or try to do it amongst themselves.  In either scenario important staff are taken away from their day jobs to work on projects and make decisions that they simply aren’t qualified to make.

We realise that good IT leadership is vital to any organisation but a full time, permanent IT Manager comes at a price that many businesses cannot afford – and simply don’t need.  To bridge this gap we offer what we call a ‘fractional’ or shared IT Manager service giving you as much or as little help as you need whilst providing you with the level of expertise you would have if you employed an experienced IT professional.

A few examples of areas where you would benefit from having an IT professional at management or board level are:

  • Strategy – sometimes it’s difficult to see what you need to look at next never mind where you need to be in 3 years to keep serving your existing clients and to bring new ones on board;
  • Compliance – virtually all industries and markets have increasing levels of compliance placed on them though GDPR, Cybersecurity, ISO 27001 and many more.  And soon your customers and prospects will demand to see that you are compliant;
  • Knowledge – we have a wide variety of experience at all levels and across multiple industries;
  • Supplier management – this is an area where most businesses feel vulnerable as they have to accept what they are being told and the prices they are charged.  Often lots of time and money will be spend on system selection only to find that it isn’t the right system to solve the issues that led you to look for it.

Tailored to you

A professional service only when you need it

Part of your team

Someone on your side working for you to get the best results


Working from experience across a variety of industries

A safe, experienced pair of hands to help you manage, protect and get the best from your investment in technology. 


It’s hard to look after IT systems on your own.  Various industry professionals and pre-sales people will visit you but, in the end, they can only sell you what they have to sell – and then try to make it fit.  We don’t compete with anyone as we provide a management and consultancy service that ensures you get the most appropriate systems and infrastructure regardless of any affiliation.  We can deal with all 3rd party involvements to ensure your systems are fit for purpose and cost effective.

We can get involved and help in a way that suits your business.  One or more days per month or on an ad hoc basis, complementing any existing staff that you may have and we work exactly as if we are part of your business.  Going out to the market to find you a good telephone support service, looking at your server infrastructure, reviewing your print requirements – everything you would expect from an employee with your best interests in mind.

Another area where we add value is in interim IT Management.  Your current IT Manager may be off long term or may simply be overwhelmed by the volume of work.  We can join in and keep things moving forward or add extra expertise where needed.  We are interested in building long term business relationships and we do this by taking the time to understand your business.

Regardless of your company size, turnover or future plans you will always benefit from good quality IT management and advice.  To talk to us and see how we can help – send us some details below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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