An extra pair of hands to help with your IT Management and Strategy

An extra pair of hands  to help you manage, protect and get the best from your technology.

A traditional setup in any given company would involve an IT Manager looking after the technology within the business and allowing the people at the rock-face or the fee earners to do their jobs efficiently and unhampered. Depending on the size of company, this IT Manager could be extremely hands-on in a smaller set up or manage a large team of technical staff in a big corporate environment.

Regardless of your company size or turnover, you will still benefit from good quality IT Management and advice.

At Atticus Technology Solutions, we realise that all businesses need IT Management but a quality, experienced IT Manager comes at a price that many businesses cannot afford. To bridge this gap, we look after your IT requirements, giving you as much or as little help as is necessary, on a daily rate whilst providing you with the level of expertise you would have if you employed an experienced IT Professional.

We can get involved one or more days per month, complementing any existing IT staff that you may have and we work exactly as if we were part of your company. Going out to the market to find you a good telephone support service, looking at your server infrastructure, reviewing your print requirements – everything you would expect from an employee with your best interests in mind.

It’s hard to look after IT on your own. Various industry professionals and pre-sales people will visit you but, in the end, they can only sell you what they are selling. We don’t compete with anyone as we provide a management and consultancy service that deals with all 3rd party involvements and ensures your systems are fit for purpose and cost-effective.

Another area we find that we can add value is Interim IT Management. Your current manager may be off long term or you may simply need an extra pair of hands for a specific project.

We are about building business relationships. There is no ‘smash and grab’ involved. When we get involved with a company we hope to be there for the long term!