IT security and safety is not just for large corporates!

Understanding and dealing with IT security should be a key area in businesses of any size. Without your IT systems you will quickly find you are unable to service or supply your customers.

Good IT practice doesn’t need to take up too much valuable time or drain your cash reserves. Simply being aware of the points below and acting where necessary will greatly improve your resilience.

  1. Understand the things you need to safeguard – Identify your key data, where it is stored and how it is backed up. Understand the pieces of equipment that you could not work without and make sure they are protected;
  2. Use a professional, reliable security package – Low cost but effective packages are available that not only scan for viruses and spam but also operate intelligently to catch malware, suspicious emails and other nasty’s. And make sure you keep it up to date;
  3. Your passwords should be strong. Single dictionary words (relevant to you or not) can be cracked easily. Use passwords with at least 8 characters and add in numbers and symbols to enhance your protection;
  4. Backup, backup and backup again – every single bit of your business life is now online; some of it is only online. Make sure you make use of removable media (CD’s, DVD’s, USB etc.) and one of the many online backup services now available;
  5. Keep your software current. Microsoft and other vendors release ‘updates’ regularly. Many of these are to fix or protect against security threats. Switch on automatic updates or remember to update your software regularly;
  6. Educate yourself and your staff. Make people aware or recent threats. Many scams (phishing etc.) are so good that it’s easy to be taken in.

You don’t have to be an IT professor and spend a fortune to look after the fundamentals. And the time and effort spent will keep your systems running far into the future.

Cyber Essentials is the entry level IT security certification that shows you value information security and keep your customers data safe.  It may be worth taking a look at how we can help with Cyber Essentials or any aspect of information security.  Get in touch and send us a few details about what you are looking for.

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