If we don’t know where we want to be in 3-5 years time how can we plan to get there?


Businesses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and each carries their own degree of complexity.


You may be reaching a critical point in your growth or having to get to grips with new contracts or new delivery models.  All aspects of business come into contact with technology at some point and we can really make a difference to business management, profitability and client satisfaction in equal measures by getting IT right.

The IT environment is changing rapidly as are the general and specific requirements in each business sector – and this presents a number of challenges; some of which are listed below:

  • The increasing expectations placed upon IT and the demand for services which are always available;
  • The business workforce where staff might be full-time, part-time, hourly paid, working on or off site through complex rotas and many other challenging management models;
  • The need for secure storage and management of data in many regulated sectors;
  • The need for initial data capture and subsequent production of meaningful management information to enable the efficient running of the business and to allow important decisions to be made.

Adding to this, many businesses are coming under increased scrutiny, having budgets cut and being forced to find innovative ways of matching need with available income.

Many businesses have a reasonable IT infrastructure and this is a base to build on.  The lack of appropriate systems for running the business is often a limiting factor that we find when we talk to staff at all levels.

Route Planning

Build the correct roadmap for the next 3-5 years

Be inclusive

Ensure that all staff and job roles are involved and covered

Move forward

With confidence that you are investing time and money correctly

We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive IT strategy for the next 3 to 5 years where many of the outcomes and improvements are achievable in the short to medium term. 

This involves input from all departments and areas of the business, external knowledge and our experience of best practices.  Aspects we generally expect to cover here include:
  • Providing staff with an appropriate range of IT applications;
  • Providing the senior management team with the tools to view and understand the information collected and evaluate opportunities and performance in general;
  • Reducing time wasted on inefficient or duplicated administration tasks;
  • The need for compliance and regulation in the sector;
  • Information security and governance;
  • The need to provide flexible working environments for staff;
  • Stability, resilience and recovery;

The list above is not exhaustive – this is simply a few examples of anticipated areas.

The process can be tailored to your requirements but as an example we would expect to arrange several workshops with relevant groups of staff and also conduct individual interviews across the business to gain a full insight into the requirements and complexities.  We will then research options and perhaps ask for further information.

Following this we will produce a full, detailed IT Strategy alongside a proposed timescale/implementation plan for presentation and discussion.

But in reality all businesses are different in some ways and require a different approach.  We don’t use a formula and all work is produced from scratch so you can expect everything to be relevant to your business.

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