We work with our customers to understand their IT requirements and then help them to implement the correct solutions


It’s always good to get an alternative perspective from an impartial and independent source. We have years of experience drawing on many projects across a wide spectrum of businesses.

Through looking at your systems, speaking to your staff and understanding your IT requirements we can start to advise on the changes to consider and the improvements they will bring.

We can make things happen, and on time and in line with budgets without putting pressure on your internal resources.  We do this by taking the time to understand your business now and your future aspirations.

Why use a consultant?
Top issues right now
Product selection & tendering
IT review
Strategy development
Implementing the plan


As your business has grown and technology moved on you will have added lots of different systems at different times.  Your priorities and your focus will have changed and your IT systems might now be holding you back.

We offer a range of review processes from single system assessments to a full review of your entire IT operation.  We can take a fresh look at your systems, processes and infrastructure to ensure that you have a solid strategy for IT services moving forward. And then work with you to develop a cost effective plan for the future.

At all times we will work to understand your business and provide full written reports detailing risks, critical areas and more importantly, recommendations for improvement.


We help businesses of all sizes to understand the General Data Protection Regulation and how it applies to their business.  We look at the regulation in detail and take a pragmatic approach to compliance.

The GDPR is not a checkbox exercise; it’s not just about technology and it’s not just about operational practices.  From the initial gap analysis, through planning, remedial work, producing policies and procedures and ultimately working towards compliance we can work with you at all stages – offering as much or as little help as you require.

GDPR Gap Analysis
Policy & Procedure Development
GDPR/DPO Support
Cyber Essentials
Practical Advice
Incident Response


Whether you are a small partnership or a huge PLC you cannot afford to ignore the ever increasing risk. Cyber security is an issue that should be prioritised.

Any business can become a target but there are lots of things you can do to mitigate the risks.  We can help to make sure that your businesses is adequately and appropriately protected through specific advice, audit, gap analysis or ongoing assistance.

Consider gaining professional accreditation for your business – it protects your current operations and looks great for prospective clients.  Cyber essentials is the entry level security certificate.


All businesses need good IT Management.  Even if your IT is completely outsourced across a number of ‘partners’ you will still benefit from someone experienced working as part of your team with your interests at heart.  But you may not need to soak up the cost of a full time IT professional.

Areas that we often help clients with are strategy, risk and compliance, supplier management, system selection, specific projects or simply day to day issues that won’t go away. Or you may have integration issues, problems with adoption and use of new systems – there are many challenges that take you away from running a business.

Put the management and future of your business in a safe pair of hands and let us join the team and look after the IT Management.

IT Management?
Capacity building
System selection
Project management


We have a wide range of experience delivering projects at all levels in all types of markets.  Whether you are an SME looking for help with ongoing support or you need extra capacity to deliver IT projects successfully and on time, we can help. 

System selection, office moves, major implementations, Office 365 migrations, IT staff recruitment, and selecting new internet providers – these are just a few examples of the many and varied projects we are regularly involved with.

Perhaps you have gaps in your IT team; or maybe you don’t have any team at all.  We are flexible enough to give you as little or as much help as you need.

Get in touch to see how we can help.

For any questions or enquiries please feel free to get in touch at any time. Providing a good service is about being available and flexible.

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