Your network is a critical part of your business.

The need to have a professional, comprehensive network is more Important than ever now as your business tries to work in different ways with new technology; and with a new, mobile workforce who expect to do ‘anything from anywhere’.

A few years ago the collaboration on your network was focused on data – emails, documents and not much else. Now, even the smallest of networks has the added pressure and complication of voice and video.

Many organisations fail to recognise the importance of having the infrastructure in place to support new technology and new working practices. A lack of upfront investment and planning will not only lead to poor performance but also security and resilience issues.

With hardware prices so low and the needs of SMB’s generally quite easy to sustain there isn’t really any excuse for not having (at the very least) industry standard routers, firewalls and network switches in place in the business.

If you’re interested in having a professional, resilient network:

  • Implement ‘managed’ rather than ‘unmanaged’ equipment as managed devices can supply a wealth of troubleshooting information on the performance (or non-performance) of your network;
  • When choosing equipment select hardware which has capacity at least double or triple of what you need at the moment. And try to use industry standard hardware with guarantees and warranties in place;
  • Use a ‘business’ grade internet connection with proper Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). Residential or ‘home’ type contracts may seem attractive but when you hit a problem you could be offline for weeks;
  • Take professional advice if you are unsure of anything. You’re not expected to know all the answers – or even all the questions!

Communication is the most important part of any company.  If you would like professional and impartial advice then please get in touch by sending us your details below.

Don’t be hindered and held back by technology that is unstable and unfit. Poor or intermittent connections make it difficult for anyone to get work done.

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